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I believe in many ways my life may have just been moulded unconsciously by my fascination to the carpenters at home and their robust hands moving on the machinery. Little did I know, that years later, those images would replay in my mind – when I stood in my own production house – “Afflatus – A divine creative impulse.”

My mom’s creative touch in our cosy home often left me mesmerised. Silently she had instilled my passion which had seeped down into my pores. From the small workshop in the backyard to a mechanised unit – the journey has been long but definitely a very fulfilling one. Fearlessly, I had plunged to build a strong team on a solid ground.

Energetic and restless, I wanted to spread my wings and fly even higher, which gave birth to “Agave – An Evolution.” Just like the leaves unfold in this pulpous plant, my dream is to unfurl every being and pore of mine to reach the pinnacle of my own capabilities – To Out Do Myself.

Ar. Aradhana Kakar
Interiors & Furniture Designer.


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